The Great Escape Game Dayton (Beavercreek)

Dayton’s new exciting Escape Game business, and it’s a lot of fun!


Each Escape Game is a real‑life escape room adventure for a small or large group. You work as a team to escape the room while the clock is ticking! Escape games are great for groups of friends, family, or work parties. You’ll solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden items, and more in order to escape the room! You have one goal with our escape games: escape the room in under one hour! So grab some friends and visit us today!

Price is $26 per person. *Use promo code ‘UNLOCK’ to save $2 per person on any escape game Monday-Thursday!!!

Players 15 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Here are our Escape Games:

The Vault (50% pass rate)

The time is here!  Your inside man informed you that a large sum of money was transferred to the Central Bank. Hence, you and your team made a plan to break into the bank and escape with the loot! Finally, your inside man gave you the blueprints to the bank in addition to access to the vault room, but you need to crack the safe and to collect as much as the loot before the guard returns. You only have a one hour window to get the money and escape so hurry!

Max in Vault: 8 (Recommended number of players: 4-8)

The Outbreak (Pass rate 15%)

A deadly virus is taking over the world, wreaking havoc.  You are infected with a virus and you are running out of time to find the cure. Rumor is that a cure exists inside a high tech lab that is near you.  You and your group find the same lab where the cure is being stored. As a result, you and your team make your way inside the lab but have tripped the alarm and you are now locked inside. The cure is almost in reaching distance. Your time will run out in one hour to find the cure and find a way out of the lab because the virus will take full effect soon! Hurry since you only have one hour!

Max in Outbreak: 8 (Recommended number of players: 4-8)

The Tomb: Pharaoh’s Revenge  (Pass rate 20%)

Your group of tomb raiders were contracted to retrieve the riches of the Egyptian pharaoh. After you enter the tomb, the door shuts behind you, and a curse falls upon you because of the powers of the pharaoh. The group of tomb raiders before you is missing. Furthermore, the leftovers from a past group of tomb raiders are in the room opposite of the entrance. The only way to escape the curse is to get the treasures of the pharaoh, lest the people in the tomb suffers the plagues of his curse. Hence, you have one hour to find the riches and escape or endure the same fate as the tomb raider group before you!

Max in Tomb: 8 (Recommended number of players: 4-8)

Area D: Nuclear Facility (Pass rate 10%)

You and your team in the contracts branch have been handcuffed in the top secret room in Area D at Wright-Patt Air Force Base. Also, the terrorists armed a nuke located in Area D and it will go off in one hour if you don’t stop it! You’ll have to figure out the codes to disarm the nuke while in the top secret nuclear room. Maybe you have just what it takes to stop it. Therefore, do what you can in order to save the base and the nearby cities because there is no one else that can do it! 

Max in Area D: 8 (Recommended number of players: 4-8)

 escape game  escape game

Prison Break (50% pass rate)

You’ve been arrested for your involvement in the attempted robbery of H&K Banking. The prosecutor has exactly what they need to put you away for a long time. There is only one copy of the evidence holding you accountable and the warden stores that evidence somewhere in the prison. You must find the evidence and escape without a trace before your trial begins in one hour or you’ll be locked up for good.

Max in Prison: 8 (Recommended number of players: 4-8)

Western Saloon (25% pass rate)

The owner of the saloon has gone missing and the prospector will be here in one hour with his men to collect the final deed that he needs to own the whole town. Once he owns the town he’ll have total control and can start drilling for oil. You and your team must find the deed to the bar before the prospector arrives, or the entire town of Desert Ridge will be lost to his hunger for wealth.

Max in Saloon: 8 (Recommended number of players: 4-8)

Mobile Escape Room-Crime Scene (setup at your location)

Someone was murdered in cold blood! It is the third murder in less than 24 hours and the serial killer shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. You and your team of detectives need to to solve this mystery and put an end to this criminal’s reign of terror. You must find the murderer and stop them before they strike again! Good luck!

The mobile escape room holds up to 6 individuals and is setup at your location. The game can be setup to last anywhere from 10-30 minutes! 

escape game